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Salt - "the white gold of the Black Sea" of the past.

The Salt Museum in Pomorié recalls the ancient methods by which people had access to salt.

The process is long:

1 / The sea water passes in the lake of Pomorié (a salt lake),

2 / From there, it enters smaller basins so that evaporation can be done more quickly

3 / Finally, it "tilts" into salt pans where under the sun the water ends up evaporating, and

4 / Thanks to the efforts of the people working in the salt works only remains the crystal salt.

This method carries the ancient name of the city of Pomorié - Anchialos.

And it is used already more than 25 centuries.

Indeed, the salt mines of Pomorie are over 2500 years of age.

They date from before the "birth" of the city.

Salt being a rarity, its production and trade allowed the development of the city.

Thanks to a visit to the museum, you can:

- visit some saline

- see the exposure of old working tools to obtain salt crystals

- learn about the history of salinas during the different eras

- follow the production process


The city of Pomorie is over 3100 years old.

It was founded by the Greeks.

Due to its geographical location in the Bay of Bourgas, it played a very important role during the time of the Thracians.

Here, the production of cereals, wines, wood prosperous.

Later, from the 10th century, the main industry became salt production.

In the time of the Ottoman Empire, the city of Pomorie (Anchialos) is one of the two main salt producers of the Empire (with Thessalonica).


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History / Museum

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