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Sliema walkway
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If there is a walk to do in Malta, it is undoubtedly that of St Julian's - Sliema.

The promenade runs along the sea.

It is very pleasant.

For :

- walk,

- run,

- have a drink in the many coffee shops,

- play the children in the playgrounds below,

- soak the feet in the Mediterranean.

On one side of the street you have the sea, on the other side of the shops, hotels, dwellings.

We pass through several cities / towns of Malta.

Starting at Paceville (St Julian's) known for nightlife;

Passing through Ballutta Bay (St Julian's) - the bay bears the name of two large buildings, formerly hospital residences;

One enters the town of Sliema which is one of the biggest cities of Malta

Then continue to T-Point - a large shopping center (T-Point View offers a superb view of Valetta - not to be missed).

If you arrive on the other side, you will be in the locality Gzira (Sliema always),

And we stop at Emmanoel island - a small peninsula where there is a big fair.


Sliema is the most commercial part of the island.

Apart from the T-Point shopping center, there are many shops here.


Many buses run here.

There are also many kiosks that offer sea trips, or other activities.


There is no real beach. A small stretch of beach is at the beginning of the locality of Sliema.

However, Ballutta Bay is well known for its stairs - beach used for landing and bathing.