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Mosta Dome
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Malta has as many churches as there are days of the year.

What differentiates the church of Mosta?

First of all, it impresses by its size.

Located in the small town of Mosta, one does not expect to see here a church of this size, next to which the houses seem miniature.

Its dome is the fourth largest in the world.

Then, the locals tell a miracle that took place during the Second World War.

Indeed, in 1942 in full bombardment, 3 Italian bombs fall on the church:

- 2 fall on the dome, and make a ricochet without exploding

- the 3rd arrives to pierce the dome and falls in the church among the 300 people hiding.

This bomb will never explode.

The Maltese speak of a miracle.

A replica of the bomb is now in the church.

A miracle, have you said?


Malta was a British barrier until 1964 when it became independence (Malta is still part of the Commonwealth).

During the Second World War, it played a very important role for the Allies.

Due to its geographical location between the Italian troops (Sicily), and the German troops (in Tunisia), it was their nightmare.

It prevented supplies between the two enemies.

This has made Malta one of the most bombed territories in Europe during the Second World War.

For the locals, the period was quite difficult: difficult supplies, 75% of houses destroyed, people dug shelters in the night, some remained up to 2 years without seeing the light of day.

Their heroism was rewarded.

After the war, King George IV awarded the Maltese people a medal in the shape of a cross, witness of their bravery.

Today, the Maltese flag bears this cross very proudly.