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The Three Cities
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The Three Cities - Vittoriosa, Cospicua, Senglea. 

Located in front of the city of Valletta, the 3 Cities were the cradle of the Knights Hospitallers before Valletta.

It is here first that the Order settled upon its arrival in the Maltese archipelago.

The 3 Cities are much less touristy and offer a more authentic view of the Maltese life.


When you are in Valletta, in the Hastings Garden, you have a breathtaking view of the walls of the 3 Cities.

To get there, shuttles are available from the harbor of Valletta (Grand Harbor).

Once there, it is a real fortress.

Here, palaces, forts, bastions, churches, and alleys bear the mark of the Knights Hospitallers.

It is also here that the Grand Master of the Order had his residence as soon as they arrived in Malta.

To visit the 3 Cities:

- Fort St Angelo - created by the Phoenicians, the fort often played the role of a shield during the numerous attacks of the archipelago

- The Palace of Inquisitors

- The Maritime Museum of Malta


The port of the 3 Cities has always played an important role in the city of the premises.

Source of foods (fishing), an advantage in trade.

Even today he plays an important role.

The facilities have been improved to suit other needs.
It has become a marina where large yachts or cruise ships dock.