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Marsaxlokk - the pittoresque market
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Marsaxlokk - colors, and colors again!

Marsaxlokk (to be read Marsashlok) is a little village in the south of the island of Malta. 

Marsaxlokk is well known for its : 

- small beautiful port

- the market.

Probably, you have seen many pictures of Malta on which one sees small boats of all colors, and in the bottom small white houses.

If so, it was certainly the small town of Marsaxlokk.

The market is held every Sunday (except holidays) until 1 pm.

You can find everything here:

- fresh fish

- dry biscuits

- local specialties such as the cactus jam of which the Maltese are so proud

- clothes

- shoes

- vegetables and fruit

- a bunch of trinkets, which are found in all the markets of the world.

It's full of colors, of smells.

The market is arranged throughout the port of the city.

Boats / fishing boats are anchored here.

 It's a real color show!

The boats

If you look carefully, you will see on the fishing boats an eye drawn on each side in front of the boat.

"The Eye" was used in Ancient times.

It was designed by the Egyptians on fishing boats to protect fishermen during their crossing. The most well-known drawing eye was that of an Egyptian God.

The Maltese have adopted the same tradition.


The market takes place every Sunday until 1 pm.

It is a very visited place. Both by the locals (prices are low), and by the tourists as very picturesque.


If you arrive by bus, you have to leave early. It takes 40 minutes (or even an hour) if you arrive on the side of Sliema, or St Julian's.

And for the return, if you leave when the market closes, the buses are often full, and you have to wait for a second bus.


On-site, there are many restaurants where you can eat seafood, fish, and local specialties.


Maltese cuisine is a heritage of different cultures who have lived here.

This is not just Mediterranean cuisine.

Of course, the fish, and the seafood are very present in the local cuisine.

But also there are lots of fries, the English Fish and Chips, the steaks.

One of the specialties that locals eat in the event of a small dip is Pastizzi - puff pastry filled with ricotta or mashed peas.

For desserts, there is the traditional Sicilian Kannoli, and also a sweet dessert made from almonds.